Ideal Freedom

IMG_4410What is Freedom  and how should a person use or fight for it has always been an argument since a memorial. But lets try to have an open discussion about it once again.

  • Total Freedom VS Responsible Freedom—- all of us know that people, government and press from all of the the world and from all walks of life have always points out their version of it as the right one. For some, they love total freedom. It means they can do all they want on how they see it fit as how they intend to use it. Example> Freedom of speech, due to this all kinds and forms of media has the right to publicize anything that connects to their argument, Freedom Fighters —- Men who fights for a cause which may even lead to their and the deaths of hundreds to prove what they believe in. they are just example fields of which they practice or some say abuses their gain or controlled freedom. Lets proceed to Responsible Freedom. This means knowing the freedom you are empowered with and taking account the responsibility of waving or using it. Freedom of Speech which per say all men have the right to speak and to know BUT at the same time to speak what is right upon which there is nothing or no one being degraded, destroyed, humiliated and etc. Speeches which are based on facts gathered and centers for the benefit not only of the speaker but also of the majority. Freedom fighters are men entrusted to take the fight for the sake of the future and NOT of their own. To fight what is just and right and NOT to kill aimlessly even innocent victims. They hold the lives of their people and of their nations or tribes and of their culture and beliefs and Not because they personally think its right.
  • Constitutional Freedom VS Personal Freedom— Now, this two are always in clashing force with each other especially concerning the Freedom of the Government to operate, lay down the laws and implementing it VS the Freedom of each citizen how they live and how to intend to live as the way of their life. for the benefit of as all>..>> If a person belongs to a government or agrees to wave it right to be covered or protected by the government and automatically must abide by its so called Laws. But of most settings, it seems some government goes beyond their limit and invades personal space and rights of its citizen causing the people to practice their personal freedom to be freed from the grips of the government. Which most of the time leads to small and big time street rally until it becomes a full pledge wide range revolt. which cause cause either the government to fall or the nation put into chaos or the deaths of thousands and thousands of people.

These are just a simple mind opener i am presenting for you all as for now, since its my 1st write up. so fell free to add more which concerns Freedom or any topic that you want me to discuss in my blog. I hope you have enjoyed this short yet in real facts of life information.


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